A Message from the New Executive Director

Thank you for the warm welcome to the MEUW Family.  I am excited to join all of you in the efforts to build support for public power in Wisconsin and across the country.  MEUW enjoys strong backing from its membership, and I look forward to helping strengthen the organization so MEUW can deliver even greater value through its programs and support services. 

 I plan to spend the first few months getting around the state to meet with members and connect with our Regional Safety Coordinators.  One advantage of starting the job April 30 means that I – hopefully – won’t run into any winter weather delays on my travels.  With the kind of spring we’ve experienced, I guess that’s no guarantee. 

The work that MEUW has done through the ENERGY Project is important to me as I get started.  I have read with great interest the survey feedback and the focus group discussions. These efforts are vital to helping MEUW identify (and perhaps re-define) its mission for the future.  Thank you to those of you who have participated; the feedback has been tremendous and demonstrates the real commitment so many have for this organization.  I look forward to getting involved myself and sharing the outcomes in the coming months. 

Please feel free to reach out and share with me your perspectives about MEUW.  I am very interested in gathering input so we can enhance our services and support our members in a meaningful way.  

Thank you for your support as I get started in my new role with MEUW.