Manager of Safety Services :: Mike Czuprynko

MikeCMike Czuprynko manages the Regional Safety Management Program as well as the Electric Utility Safety and Training Program. While the programs are distinctly different, he maintains that – at a high strategic level – they share the same goal of maintaining operational and safety excellence while meeting individual training needs.


“Teamwork and accountability are common threads that run through the entire MEUW training staff. Our trainers are committed to providing quality programs … they are flexible, knowledgeable and committed to providing customized services to help all of our utilities and communities meet their safety goals.”

Mike came to MEUW in 2016 as a Regional Safety Manager and was promoted to his current position in May 2018. He previously worked as a senior environmental, health and safety (EH&S) coordinator and later an operations EH&S manager for Encapsys in Portage.

He also held several safety positions with Charter Wire in Milwaukee, ultimately being promoted to Global Environmental, Health and Safety Coordinator and assuming the responsibility of managing and developing the EH&S programs in the United Kingdom and China.

Mike grew up in Wisconsin Dells. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety from UW-Whitewater, and an associated degree in arts and science from UW-Baraboo/Sauk County.

He currently resides in Baraboo with his wife, Katelyn, two young sons, Blake and Vince, and their Boxer, Jamo. With a growing family and a busy career, Mike doesn’t have much free time. But he loves to hunt, fish, exercise and work on home remodeling if he has the opportunity!