Member Update :: Aug. 3, 2018

Here are few quick updates from MEUW.  We’ll be introducing our new MEUW Weekly on Tuesday, Aug. 14, so please watch for it.  We’re hoping the new weekly update will help to keep you informed and reduce the number of “one-off” emails that come from the MEUW office.  The existing Live Lines newsletter will continue to be published and distributed on the first Monday of each month.

Last Call for Annual Wage and Benefits Survey:  More than a dozen members responded after we re-opened the Annual Wage and Benefit Survey last month.  We are planning to close the survey early next week, so please take time to provide data for your utility.   For more information, please contact Jamie Keough, Office Coordinator.  Thank you for your support in continuing to make this survey a valuable tool for MEUW members.

Pole-Attachment Legislation Update:  Federal lawmakers in Washington, D.C. continue to review legislation impacting oversight of pole attachments.   The STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act would revise section 332 of the Communications Act to require mandatory access for attachments to a “facility in a right-of-way (ROW) owned or managed by the state or local government.” Currently, Section 332 gives the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authority over the provision of “wireless services,” and it does not provide for FCC jurisdiction over electric utility poles.  The bill in front of the Senate Commerce Committee essentially would impose a “one-size-fits-all” approach to pole attachment rates and regulations that may ultimately require public power utility customers to subsidize infrastructure deployment of for-profit communications providers.

MEUW opposes certain provisions of the proposed legislation and we encourage MEUW members to stay informed about the bill.  We will provide regular updates and may request specific information about the potential impacts to your utility.  Additional information is available on APPA’s Website.  We have provided details and letter templates at for those who may wish to contact Wisconsin lawmakers about this issue (and thanks to those who already have).

Energis Acquisition:  A key supplier to many MEUW members announced today that it has been acquired.  Energis is now part of North American Substation Services, LLC, the leading independent provider of mission-critical installation, maintenance and repair services for substation equipment across the U.S.  To learn more, click here.

Registration now open for Accounting and Customer Service Seminar:  The annual gathering to update utility personnel on regulatory and legislative issues that affect their utilities and provide best practices to improve their operations will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 25 in Wisconsin Dells.  To register, visit